1. Parks Gal-Bi

박대감네 갈비 63

Prime Beef Short Rib marinated in Park’s BBQ award winning sauce

2. GGot Sal

꽃살 63

Ggot Sal is called the flower meat because of its perfect marbling. USDA Prime Beef, Hand Carved to edible size

3. Gal-Bi

생갈비 75

Non-marinated Prime Beef Short Rib, specially hand carved to a diamond pattern. The special cut adds tenderness to the meat

4. Rib Eye Steak (14 oz)

생등심 57

Thick and Juicy cut of USDA Prime Beef

5. Thin Sliced Ribeye

등심로스 50

6. Beef Outside Skirt

안창살 50

Leanest cut of the house, chewy and tender all in one. Lean mea􀀞 less fat, and tasty

7. Boneless Beef Short Rib

갈비살 52

Prime Beef Short Rib cut off the bone to bite size

8. Seasoned Boneless Beef Rib

주물럭 52

Seasoned #7

9. Rib Eye Bulgogi

등심불고기 45

Bulgogi is a signature dish of Korean Cuisine. Thinly sliced beef marinated in soy based sauce

10. Brisket Point

차돌구이 42

Thinly sliced Briske􀀞 cook fast, grab fast, gone fast

11. Prime Beef Tongue

혀밑구이 42

12. Natural Pork Belly

특생오겹살 40

Non marinated Pork Belly

13. Seasoned Pork Belly

양념오겹살 40

Pork Belly marinated in house soy based sauce

14. Pork Neck

항정살 40

15. Shrimp

새우구이 42

Lightly seasoned Tiger Shrimp

16. Mushrooms & Vegetables

야채와 버섯 17