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Located in the heart of Los Angeles’ Korea town district, Park’s BBQ is considered by many to be the best of the best.

Born in Seoul Korea, Chef Jenee Kim graduated from Seoul Women’s College with a degree in Culinary Science. After moving to Los Angeles with her two children in 2000 Chef Jenee opened the acclaimed Park’s BBQ in Los Angeles’ Koreatown district in 2003. With it’s commitment to the highest quality ingredients, “Park’s”, which it has come to be known, quickly became a local favorite, and is now widely regarded as the finest authentic Korean BBQ restaurant in Southern California. Chef Jenee and Park’s have been given numerous awards and has been featured in countless media. Her traditional korean cuisine married with her inventive view on flavors has pushed Korean cuisine to new heights.

Our Story

Park’s BBQ with its high quality USDA Prime and Kobe style beef, you’ll understand why so many people return to our restaurant. We are committed to providing our patrons with the most delicious and authentic Korean cuisine made with the finest ingredients.

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